Tiger's Fang is YouTube series created by Richie Castellano, Steve Corn and Damian Scro. What started off as 3 friends goofing off in a backyard turned into an epic series of short Kung Fu/Comedy films. We're very proud of these movies and we thank all of the people who helped us create them and we appreciate the support from all of the Tiger's Fang fans out there from all over the world. As of now, we have one completed season with episodes 1 through 9. We've already shot a considerable amount for the next 2 episodes and we hope to finish them when we can coordinate everyone's schedules.


(this is a YouTube Playlist containing all 9 episodes)

About the producers:

Richie Castellano is a professional musician/producer. He plays guitar and keyboards in the band Blue Oyster Cult. He has a podcast called Band Geek on RiotCast.com. The show covers music and geek culture and has featured guests from bands like Queen, Meat Loaf, Rainbow, Guns n Roses, Black Sabbath, and more. Richie studied Kung Fu with Sifu Charles Bigham and holds a black belt.

Steve Corn is a software engineer/computer systems specialist. He holds a first degree black belt in Kung Fu and is an instructor at Xiaolin Martial Arts. Steve is responsible for all of the visual effects in the Tiger's Fang movies. In his free time, Steve composes his own original japanese inspired heavy metal music under the name Stevie Ray Corn.

Damian Scro is a musician and drum instructor at Castellano's House of Music. He holds a first degree black belt in Kung Fu and is a Tai Chi instructor at Xiaolin Martial Arts. He plays drums in a band called Colour.